Sorbent Drum Top Pad - Oil Only

Sorbent Drum Top Pad - Oil Only
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Sorbent Drum Top Pad - Oil Only

The Answer to Messy Drum Tops!

Today's most cost effective absorbtion technology.

Why mess around with sawdust? The traditional bulky, inefficient loose products have a seriously effective alternative in melt-blown polypropylene.

Polypropylene not only has excellent absorption qualities but also retains fluids well by trapping liquids in pockets between the fibres.

Sorbent Pads are convenient & adaptable and can be used in virtually any application.

The Drum Top Pad helps to keep the top of the Drum free of the un-sightly leaks & spills that often occur during dispensing. Keeps you floor clean & comes pre-cut for a perfect fit on a 205 Litre Drum

No more Rags! - Absorbs all oils and hydrocarbon based liquids repelling water.


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